Envoyage: Couture designs for women AND men from Zurich Switzerland

Envoyage founder and designer, Claudia Eicke, created the Weekender and Lorris Messenger bags for the "alpha" men AND woman who flows from the boardroom to the gym to the bistro seamlessly. It's clever hidden storage tunnel is perfect for storing a pair of shoes, an umbrella, a change of cloths, and favorite a bottle of wine, The Weekender is made from the finest French goatskin leather and the Messenger is made from the finest French calfskin both coming from the tannery that exclusively supplies Louis Vuitton, Hermes, and Prada. This French tannery's leather is considered the best because the animals are raised in open areas that do not have barbed wire which typically cuts and scars the animals which translates into imperfections in the hides. Envoyage leather is supple and flawless guaranteeing decades of enjoyment.

Completely hand made at the Envoyage atelier in Zurich Switzerland, each limited production piece is a masterful example of top European couture design melded with well thought out Swiss functionality. In Ms. Eicke's words "Envoyage is for men and women who are fashionable, appreciate aesthetics as well as functionality, quality, exclusivity, and security in a bag...Envoyage bags "are for people that set trends, not follow them.