Vintage Ghurka 2nd Brigade: Bags that have been around the world


The Original Ghurka bags made by Marley Hodgson, in Norwalk Connecticut starting in 1975, are the finest leather and canvas goods ever made in America...they are our Louis Vuitton.  Hodgson brought back from Europe the century old vegetable tanning technique used on British Expeditionary gear in the far east for their Gurkha soldiers.  To this day those pieces still hold up because of that tanning process.  Hodgson worked exclusively with French vegetable tanned leather and Cramerton twills to fabricate bags, luggage and accessories that will not only last a lifetime but will actually get better with use and time.  Like that very expensive Japanese selvedge denim jean that becomes a second skin...a Ghurka bag becomes your sidearm, your Spartan shield, and your companion for daily commutes to the urban jungles or travels by land, sea, and air to exotic destinations.

   Mittybuilt is proud to present a curated selection of hand picked vintage pieces that were made between Ghurka's founding in 1975 to 2006, the years Marley Hodgson owned the company and have his "MH" monogram in the center of the Ghurka crest. These pieces have been selected for their perfectly patina'd leather and soft broken in canvas twill.  Most pieces will be from the late 1970's to the late 1990's, and many of these designs have long been discontinued.  All our vintage Ghurka pieces have been, inspected, spot cleaned of any major stains if any, and have had their leather components cleaned and treated with Ghurka Leather Care Formula #1 which is made exclusively for Ghurka's vegetable tanned leather and restores their natural color and suppleness.  Every Ghurka piece is serial numbered and dated by Ghurka at the time of production.

Our pieces are vintage rated as follows:

Grade NOS - This is the Holy Grail and the rarest. "New old stock" that has not been used but might show a few scuffs from decades of storage and handling.

Grade 1 - Almost new. Will have a few scuffs and possibly a faint small stain or two on the twill.  The leather will be 90-99% perfect with an even patina.

Grade 2 - Used but excellent.  Will have mostly even patina on the leather, the twill will be soft and there will be signs of gentle use but no damage or heavy wear spots.

Grade 3 - Used but good.  Will have good patina on leather but it will be uneven, the twill will be soft but will have some signs of wear.  Bottom corners might show some chaffing and wear down.  These are the bags that look like they've been to Timbuktu and back, many people seek them out like a broken in pair of jeans or leather jacket.