Beaver Buddy - Balmy Beard Oil™  3.4oz/100ml - Mittybuilt
Beaver Buddy - Balmy Beard Oil™  3.4oz/100ml - Mittybuilt

Beaver Buddy - Balmy Beard Oil™ 3.4oz/100ml

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We were inspired to create Beaver Buddy Balmy Beard Oil™(try saying that 10 times fast) because so many women complain about their guys scratchy feeling beard, how many of your female friends won't let you give them even a peck on the cheek because of your beard?  So we wanted to put together a rich and balmy oil that will truly tame your whiskers and add a whiff of vintage manliness to boot.

Beaver Buddy™ starts off with a creamy mix of organic Golden Jojoba oil and organic cold pressed Argan oil to create a perfect carrier for our proprietary blend of organic and wildcrafted essential oils.  We choose Jojoba because of it's similarity to your skins natural sebum oil and Argan for it's amazing anti-bacterial qualities which will help clear up and prevent "beardruff" and itch.  We then tested the oil on many beards over several months till we hit the right blend.  Then we did the ultimate test...we had our wives and girlfriends smell our beards and have them rub against their cheeks...success!

The result is a manly smell(we don't say fragrance around here).  Top notes of Teakwood oil, vanilla, orange peel and patchouli fade to reveal middle notes of frankincense, pine cones and a hint of bergamot. After a few hours nutmeg and woodsy scents are the remaining base notes(depending on individual body chemistry).

We offer Beaver Buddy Balmy Beard Oil™ only in 2oz and 3.4oz bottles because 1 oz is a joke.  Are all these other guys serious? Any decent length beard will drink 1 oz of oil in a week or two tops and we don't want you to get hit with frequent shipping charges.  And look at our competitors prices, typically $20 per ounce and up.  You could bath your beard in Dom Perignon Champagne and caviar for less.


We've made sure you have enough beard treatment for at least a month at less than half the price of our competitors ounce for ounce. And as an added perk our 3.4oz flask just squeaks in for carry on luggage.

So slap on some of our Balmy Beard Oil™, tame that beard, add that manly scent and make your women happy...that's why we say Beaver Buddy™ is "for beards with benefits™", we'll let you and your gal figure out the double entendre.


- 100% all natural organic and wild crafted oils

- 100% organic golden Jojoba oil

- 100% organic cold pressed Argan oil

- All essential oils are certified organic or wildcrafted

- Moisturizes and softens beard hairs and skin

- Cures and prevents “beardruff" and skin itch

- Nice manly scent

- Beard tested…women approved™!


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